They are beyond amazing!!!  I am so happy with every bit- Jenna’s snowflake, the foil printing, your work…stunning!
Thank you so much for all you have done above and beyond to make these happen.  They are perfect and set exactly the tone I envision for our wedding day.
Thanks again!
Hi Tisha,

Yes, we did receive the invites.  Again, thank you so much!! We absolutely love your work!  It is beautiful!!
Hi Tisha! I wanted to let you know that the envelopes look beautiful! I love your writing! I think the invitations will make a great first impression for our wedding when they arrive in people’s mailboxes. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job.
Emily M.
Thank you Tisha!
I definitely will recommend you and come back for more business. I’m a big advocate for local and small businesses 🙂
She says she loves it! And they get to keep it as a memento of their wedding, which is great!


The envelopes are BEAUTIFUL!  Thank you so much.  Invites are assembled and ready to go.
On a separate note, for some reason I thought your regular handwriting would look like the envelopes, and was somewhat surprised to see that your handwriting’s is so, well, normal.  Calligraphy just seems like a super power.
Thanks again,
I did receive it, and it looks amazing! Thank you for your work on this. I will be sure to use you if I have another project like this.

Hi Tisha,

The box of envelopes has been delivered and I just wanted you to know they are gorgeous!  Thank you!  I saw your sweet note–the credit for the tidy address list goes to my fiance; I will pass along your appreciation to him–but I did not see the invoice on first glance.  I will take another look when I unpack the box at home, but want to pay you timely for your fabulous work!
Round II, here we come!

Tisha, I wanted to let you know I received the place cards!

WOW! They are beautiful!! You definitely have a gift!
Thank you so much again for your wonderful work of art! I hope I can use your talents again!
Have a great holiday!!

Calligraphy with TLC did an amazing job on my wedding invitations! Tisha was so accommodating with my last minute request to do 175 invites in a few days! She was also a joy to work with. You can tell everything is done with some much effort and care. She matched the ink perfectly to the ink on my invitations and if she had any questions she would ask before doing it. She’s also very prompt and easy to get a hold of. I would recommend Calligraphy with TLC 100%. If you live in Indy, it’s worth the drive to Kokomo.

Kristin, September 2012 Bride
Hi Tisha,
Thanks so much for the email. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the certificate! It is soooooo beautiful, and more than I even imagined! And it was so kind of you to include the paper with our names and dates on it!!!! I think we are actually going to let people sign that as well, which I’m really excited about.
It was so great to work with you. You were my favorite person to work with in this whole wedding process. 🙂
Take care,

Tisha was recommended to us as our calligrapher for our wedding by our wedding planner. At first, I was dubious about hiring someone who lived in another city, but my wedding planner assured me I would be thrilled with the results, as she has used Tisha on numerous occasious.

We were more than thrilled with the results. Her calligraphy style is gorgeous. She was also very willing to offer help with how to write out names in a professional and traditional style. I also had several out of the country wedding guests and guests with very similar but different spelling of names, and Tisha returned a perfect product to me.

I had splurged on high end stationary, so of course, I didn’t want to buy too much overage. I needn’t have worried, as she made zero mistakes and respected my wishes and was on perfect time when she returned my invitations and place cards. I think she was reasonably priced, and I would definitely use Tisha again.

Take care,
Ann Conneally
901.604.0138 (for reference questions)

Amazing Work!!

The company is very professional! She did my wedding guest cards. The writing was beautiful! And she even matched the color to my swatch of my bridesmaids dresses!! I definitely recommend to use them, especially if you owns handwriting is awful (like mine)!! The cost was totally worth it and wasn’t very expensive either. Totally worth having something original rather than typing it up yourself!

married Sept 25, 2011

Wonderful quality, service and price!

I didn’t think I could afford a calligrapher until I came across TLC by Hand. The prices were very reasonable, and I was surprised looking at the samples how nice the quality was. My envelopes were done quickly…when I opened the box and looked at them, I almost cried at how beautiful they were! I’ve received so many compliments on my invitations already. She even included a personalized set of envelopes for my fiance and I as a keepsake. I highly recommend TLC by Hand!

Married June 9, 2012

Hello Tisha,

The lyrics look absolutely fantastic!  Even by looking via digital photo, we know this is exactly what we were looking for.  Thank you so much!  When the matte is included, it will look even more beautiful for sure (if that is possible)!

Again, many thanks.  Looking forward to receiving the finished product in the mail as we know we are 120% pleased with the results!

Tony and Lindsey


thank you so much…we received them yesterday and they are beautiful! We really love the envelopes…they are amazing and we will definitely recommend you to all of our friends here in Lafayette! Thanks again!

Laurenne 2009


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